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4/1/1998 14:15 PT

Linda Keeps on Trippin' with Hyde

Linda Linda Tripp reports that she has in her possession recordings of Patricia Hyde which indicate that Hyde had sex with a person of the same sex. The incident apparently took place Iowa City, Iowa under a table in a restaurant.

Tripp made these secret recordings using new technology acquired from the special prosecutor which can not only monitor phone and radio signals, but can also be implanted in small or large animals.

When asked to comment on the allegation. Hyde said, "this is an outrage! However, the opportunity for fame far exceeds any negative consequences."

Hyde added, "my lawyer is now negotiating with the media. We are willing to discuss this matter fully with anyone if the price is right. We are looking at several book deals and the usual television interviews."

F U L L   S T O R Y

Hanks to get $17 million for "Apollo" sequel


Tom Hanks will earn at least $17 million for starring in the sequel to Apollo XIII, which will open next Christmas. The Touchhome Pictures film, titled "Apollo XIII II," will tell the story of a secret space safari to seek signs of past life on the moon. Hanks and his fellow astronauts, including Sigourney Weaver and Johnny Quest, will camp out on the dark side of the moon and discover things far more scary than rocks and old golf balls.


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