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Herald of the Clan Roux

Pub name: Keeah, real name: Karen, home town: Toronto, birthdate: December 7th.
I am an artist, and an example of my work may be found on my home page. I am also a writer. An example of my writing can be found on my Homepage as well.

I am 36, 5 feet tall with shoulder length strawberry blond hair and grey eyes. My Fave colour is purple,
and Fave show is quite obvious, none other than Xena: Warrior Princess. Battle on!

As a kidney transplant recipient I have been involved with the CTGA since 1991. The focus of the
CTGA is to let people know that Transplantation works. Please visit this site and encourage your friends
and family to do so as well. We are Living proof that organ donation works!!! Please feel free to visit
their page. If you have any questions about transplantaion, don't hesitate to
ask. An informed person usually signs their donor card.

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