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One Month Ago

One month ago,
My heart dared to feel.
A love I didn't think possible.
A love I couldn't stop.

One month ago,
You tried to convince me,
That it was only a slip,
And that it didn't matter.

But it did matter.
More than even I could have known.
More than I could have thought possible.
More than I ever dreamed.

One month ago,
I gave myself permission,
To feel the love
That had been growing within my heart.

One month ago,
I uttered the words for the very first time.
And changed my life forever,
Forever for the better.

One month ago,
My heart took over from my head,
And claimed control of my life.
And I let it.

One month ago,
My heart soared free,
Loose from the bonds
I had willingly placed upon it.

One month ago,
I released the chains on that love,
And uttered the words
I love you.