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Proud Warrioress

Bard of the Clan Roux

Ok, here goes. Let's see, I'm married, have been for 3 wonderful years now, to a really great guy, Robert...:-)
I'm the Bard of the Roux Lands and the keeper of the Clan histories, just as soon as we make some...:-)
I've written two complete Xena and Gabrielle adventures, and am currently working on a third,
a Xena and Gabrielle novel....:-)

I live in Iowa, in a very small town of 700, West Liberty, where the cows and pigs outnumber the people 10 to 1...:-)
No children yet, but it's not for lack of trying....:-)

I intend to enroll at the University of Iowa in the Spring to study Creative Writing...:-)

A little life story up until now that is, I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana,
and have one brother, 21, living in Seattle Washington, and one sister, 25, living in Indy.
I was raised Catholic, something I'm still trying to get over....:-)

I served for four years in the United States Air Force, ascending to the rank of E-4, Senior Airman.
While in the military, I worked as a C-5 crew chief. C-5's are the largest cargo aircraft in the free world
(The Russians have one bigger, but they don't count......:-) I was a crew chief, which is to say I was a "jack of all trades
and a master of none". I coordinated between all of the maintenance specialists to ensure the aircraft
was fixed in a timely fashion to ensure ontime take-offs......:-) And if you happened to be in front of the
TV when the US invaded Somalia, the first aircraft on the ground (yeah, that great big one) was my plane.....:-)
So, that's my little claim to fame......:-)

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