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Tamrin, f/Age: 27, Live in Austin, Tx
Marital Status: Divorced
I work as a Teacher's asst at Mendez Middle School. I work with severe
and profoundly handicapped students. Hobbies; Reading Sci-fi and
fantasy as well as any good piece of literature that comes my way.
Swimming, Fencing, Hiking, Origami and Crewl Embroidery
I also enjoy writing poetry and short stories though I haven't written
much in the past few years. I have a BA in English with a minor in
Sociology I would love to work in the publishing industry as either an
editor or just about any place they will have me *G* I want to get my
hands on all the good fiction that comes around without having to wait.
Favorite animals: Dragons and Unicorns
Had a pair of unicorns on my wedding cake instead of a bride and groom *G*

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